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Rent a racetrack with your kart, Vespa or motorbike in Rechnitz in Burgenland – pure racing action for kart-owner

Fascinating speed, ingenious courses and a high-quality go-kart track await you at the Speedarena. Conveniently located in Burgenland between Vienna and Graz, you can rent our 1007 m long modern racetrack and experience first-class driving fun on our rental go-kart track. Even during the week, our FIA officially recognised racetrack with spacious paddock and sanitary facilities is at your service.

Would you like to push yourself to your limits and step on the gas on our kart track? Make sure you register with our go-kart racetrack in advance to avoid congestion on the rental kart track and have a carefree time. Renting the go-kart track is also possible on a half-day basis from 3:00 pm. Of course, you can also rent the track for events by the day or even longer.

Day ticket for private drivers with their kart, Vespa, Motorbike

Monday to Friday 10-20 o clock:

  • Kart, Vespa, Motorbike: 70,00 €

Half-day from 3:00 pm:

  • Kart, Vespa, Motorbike: 45,00 €
  • book your appointment in advance

Annual ticket for 12 months:

  • Kart, Vespa, Motorbike: 450,00 €

Parking space (insured) per kart:

  • In the month: 45,00 €
  • In the year: 400,00 €

Box rental per year:

  • 1200,00 €

All prices include 20 % VAT.

Exclusive driving fun on Austria's most modern rental kart track

Whether you are an enthusiastic and regular kart driver or a hobby driver who wants to let off some steam on the kart track, rent our track and experience the thrill of karting. Fun courses, straight sections that provide speed and a large paddock are just some of many benefits that you can expect at the Speedarena in Burgenland.

Contact our kart track and hire our racetrack for fast-paced racing fun.

Our experienced staff, who come from a racing background, will be happy to advise you and provide you with help and advice on all aspects of karting.

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