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Our market community rechnitz

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The market community of Rechnitz (population: 3,200, 4,377 hectares, elevation: 348 meters) is located on the southern slope of the Günsergebirge mountains at the foot of the 884-meter high Geschriebenstein, the highest peak in Burgenland and also in Western Hungary. The forested medium mountains transition into vineyards and orchards on the southern slope, followed by extensive fertile fields in the foothills of the Pannonian lowlands.

This provides the natural foundation for forestry, agriculture, fruit cultivation – with a special focus on apricots – and winemaking, as well as for gentle tourism.

The idyllic area of Rechnitz and its surroundings has gained increasing popularity, especially after the creation of the Geschriebenstein – Irottkö Nature Park, turning it into a favored recreational and leisure area.

Countless diverse hiking and excursion possibilities, a beautifully located bathing lake with excellent water quality, tennis courts, riding opportunities, cozy wine taverns, and more are just a few of the numerous leisure activities. Furthermore, there is a vibrant community life including elements such as the traditional music ensemble, folk dance group, several choirs, and much more.

The beautiful location, as well as the exemplary infrastructure, make Rechnitz a community that is both livable and lovable.

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